eBay Pickup: 1963 Colt .45s

Hello everyone! I'm binder-ing some more of my '74 set and going through some trade lists, but I wanted to take a minute to show off a few cards from an eBay pickup that came in yesterday.

I'd let this lot pass by a couple times - once out of restraint, the second was just because I missed my auction alert - but when it was relisted I made a note to go ahead and drop the minimum bid. In the end,  no one else bid and I netted eight of the 1963 Colt .45s on my list and a spare Manny Mota rookie card that I'll send off for a signature. All that ran me just over seven bucks including shipping - not bad!

Everything is in pretty good shape with some standard corner and edge wear, except for the Mota which has some surface scratches in the upper right. I can always upgrade that, though.

I may sneak another post in later today, but I doubt it. We're getting ready to take a trip in a few days, and I'm trying to tie up some loose ends (and get some card stacks off my desk!) before heading off to Marfa.

 - Bru


  1. Hi there,

    I just found some cards off of your wantlists I'd like to send your way - would you be up for a trade? Email sent - thanks!

    1. Definitely! I'll get back to you soon.

  2. I just wanted to make sure you got me e-mail, the essence of which was you can still join my break. Hope all is well!

  3. I don't know what I love more the team name Colt .45s or the rainbow unis, why make a choice I love them both. Great pick ups.