My Best Pull of 2015

Hi everyone! I was supposed to post this a looooong time back, but now actually seems like a pretty good time for such an item. Back when Heritage came out, I bought a bunch of it. I had some good luck, and pulled some nice hits from it, including this:

But, that's not the best card that I landed this year. That honor belongs to a redemption I pulled out of a pack around the same time. After about a month of waiting, this beauty showed up in my mailbox.

That's right, a Hank Aaron auto-relic, with a piece of Hammerin' Hank's bat! Signed and numbered to 25, with a nice looking sig to boot. I'd say this definitely qualifies as my greatest pull of the year.

What was your best pull of 2015, everyone?


  1. Wow, you can never go wrong with Hammerin Hank. That is one great looking card - nice pull!

  2. Thank goodness that redemption got filled. Enjoy the Aaron.

  3. That is a nice find! Even though I don't have any of those flashback cards, I like seeing them in posts etc.