Snow in Houston!

I mean, it does happen from time to time, but you probably already guessed that I was either (a) really late with a post or (b) putting some of those ridiculous Topps Holiday cards up on the blog.

If you guessed (b) then congratulations! These (and a few more) came my way via a quick trade at TCDB from Jerry, who's handle there is Colengco90. We did a quick 6-for-6 swap of some Holiday cards for some 2017 flagship, with eyes on a larger trade in the future.

I still think this set is just absolutely bonkers and redundant as all get out, but I'm an Astros completist, so I'm thankful for them and they've got a home in my binders. We're all in agreement that this set is nuts, right? Good. Since we know it's ridiculous, let's play a quick game of "caption this."

Tyler White's thoughts: "Good grief, Charlie Brown. I'm already a converted third baseman, now you want me to try and field a baseball in a snowstorm? How am I even going to stay on this team?"

George Springer is thinking, "What the hell?! We play in a stadium with a roof! I can't even see the plate from here, how am I supposed to score in all of this?"

I think this one is pretty easy, but let's have a little fun. Drop your best caption for Carlos here in the comments.

Thanks again for the cards Jerry!

- Marc


  1. "Hey, El Oso Blanco is making yellow snow again!"

  2. lol I like that.. Of course, it just reminds me of the video of Exhibition Stadium in 1977